Project Details

A young man comes to terms with his fear of separation from his mother when she is on her deathbed. Mai has raised Siddhant all alone and he is now a successful young man. The film recounts a past event when Siddhant was 9 years old and was separated from his Mai when she took up a job in a different town. In the present, Sidddhant must again deal with separation but this time his Mai is dying and he must learn to let her go forever.
  • Ratna Phatak Shah
  • Purav Bhandare
  • Vijay Tilani
  • Aahana Kumra
  • Neetu Punjabi
  • Written & Directed by: Surya Menon
  • Produced by: Chaitally Parmar
  • Director of Photography: Shubham Kasera
  • Music: Nikhil Chauhan
  • Editor: Akshay Mehta
  • Director of Audiography: Nikhil Chauhan
  • Background Score: Nikhil Chauhan
  • Production Manager: Santosh Kadam
  • Assistant Director: Ranjan Shetty
  • Assistant Director: Sudheer Chandra
  • Assistant Producer: Nikhil Arora
  • Assistant Producer: Pavail Gulati
  • Assistant Cameraman: Pratik Deora
  • Assistant Cameraman: Aazin Printer

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